Monday, January 30, 2006

The Luck of Lea

So, I injured my car (SPIFFY) December 2004. I finally went to Boyd to make an appointment to bring it in to be fixed. They said they had to order in parts and would phone me when they were ready for me. OK.... So they phoned me on Friday, just before I was heading to the university to take a class. We have an appointment for tomorrow. All right!

So, i drove to the university, slightly excited that Spiffy would be Spiffy once again, with no unsightly dents. However, there were Wesmen games on at the university and NO PARKING! Except for the pay for parking lot. I hate paying for parking, and I didn't have a lot of cash on me. :( So I pull into this parking lot and started counted my money. I had $1.95, and i thought it cost two dollars. I considered staying in the lot I was in, but NO, don't wanna get a ticket for parking illegally or towed, so I back out to go see if i can find another spot. As I back out, I hit a telephone pole! And of course, on this telephone pole with a metal L-shaped bar that normally hold up signs. This nice L-bar has put a dent/crack in the back of Spiffy's bumper and cracked the handle to open the trunk. I ended up parking in the pay lot and it was only a $1. I could have just pulled in there in the first place -- I know coulda, shoulda, woulda! Class was difficult with the low grade headaches i had friday night, and the neck tightness on saturday. But i'm recovering. :) I'll go see Carlos for a snap crackle pop one day.

So i had to go back to Autopac today. $835 damage.... And if i go through and just pay my two hundred deductible, there will be a $400 surcharge on my license. If i don't, i can basically pay them $400 to take this off my record... sigh. Glad today is the last day of January, with the HOPE and FAITH that EVERYTHING is gonna turn around in FEBRUARY!!!!

you can't beat me, satan, JESUS IS LORD, and you have been crushed already!!!!

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