Monday, March 20, 2006

It wasn't a very good monday :(


I got a message that I didn't get the job. :( I kinda sad, because I really liked the idea of this job. I'm sad too because I can't go to an interview that was offerend to me from Great West Life because we are going away. I knew I shouldn't have applied for jobs before I left. I just am not happy with the Lodge, and I know God has something better for me. I also phoned my SAT about my AT exam, and he was giving me a hard time about the exam process, especially when I told him i needed a letter by wednesday as i am going away. He through all these concerns back on my plate, that I tried to voice to him last week. It just added to my stress. And then my Bowling team lost their game. I'm feeling run down and i thinking i'm getting a cold. As i said, it wasn't a very good monday. I know, it's stupid, but stupid little disappointments add up, over and over, and i'm getting kinda sick of them. When's it my turn to celebrate, Lord?

love lea

Saturday, March 18, 2006


It was a very nice Saturday today. I was supposed to do laundry, but my friend Chris decided I should help him mark some tests, and I love marking! So i marked his tests for him (if you're a teacher and you ever need help with marking, let me know), and then we went shopping. Well, he went shopping, I just went along for the ride. I'm going away this week and I need to save my money. My interview went very well, i'll find out on Wednesday, just before I leave for holidays with my sister and her husband and kids. We're going to Tennesee and North Carolina! I'm very excited.

The lady who interviewed me had already done a reference check with Lois before I had time to tell her about my interview... glad I didn't lie and just say i had an AT meeting!

Well I will talk to ya soon
love lea

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A birthday present from my sister

Never stop dreaming!

My New Camera

Thanks for the birthday wishes, you guys! It made me feel really SPECIAL.

I went to the Pal on Friday night with Marnie, Jen, Jen and Stacy, and I had a blast. Found a man that interested me... unfortunately, he wasn't at church today :(. Maybe next time. I bought a new camera today. I have been playing around with it and took a bunch of pictures of my parents and my house. I'll post em for ya, but no laughing. I'm no photographer.

Lois comes back to work tomorrow, so the amount of work I have to do will decrease at the Lodge, but the dynamics will change. What can you do?

Keeping it short today

This is the view from my backdoor