Monday, March 20, 2006

It wasn't a very good monday :(


I got a message that I didn't get the job. :( I kinda sad, because I really liked the idea of this job. I'm sad too because I can't go to an interview that was offerend to me from Great West Life because we are going away. I knew I shouldn't have applied for jobs before I left. I just am not happy with the Lodge, and I know God has something better for me. I also phoned my SAT about my AT exam, and he was giving me a hard time about the exam process, especially when I told him i needed a letter by wednesday as i am going away. He through all these concerns back on my plate, that I tried to voice to him last week. It just added to my stress. And then my Bowling team lost their game. I'm feeling run down and i thinking i'm getting a cold. As i said, it wasn't a very good monday. I know, it's stupid, but stupid little disappointments add up, over and over, and i'm getting kinda sick of them. When's it my turn to celebrate, Lord?

love lea

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