Saturday, April 22, 2006

Catch up!

Long time, no speak. I have been busy the last month. Been to Tennessee and back and LOVED it! I mean, I LOVED it! I'd move there in a minute. North Carolina was all right, but I loved Tennessee more. The area was beautiful. We went caving, and did all sorts of things, and you know what, I even got to eat at Hard Rock!!!!!! Actually, I got to eat at Hard Rock twice. And, yes, I had the same thing both times. LOL. That's what I wanted. :D I was happy to be back though. And back to work, which was fun for about the first hour. But I can't seem to catch up. I was supposed to get some catch up done today, but I was at home sick with the flu :(. It's going around at work, which is why I was supposed to have catch up time, but not today. Today I spent most of my day in bed sleeping. My goal is to go in tomorrow, as I am feeling better. But we'll see what the night brings.

Well, that catches you up a little.

Talk to ya soon

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