Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Catch Up Time AGAIN...

You know, i guess i really shouldn't complain when Ruth takes a couple of weeks off her blog, which she faithfully updates almost daily, and i haven't updated in six weeks. Meh! I did mention to you in my first few posts that you shouldn't hold your breath between my posts. Well, maybe not in so many words. I dunno why i haven't posted. I do have lots to tell you. So grab a cup 'o joe, or a Slurpee, and settle in for a ride....... wheeeeeeeeeee... k, it won't be that long, it's after 1am. thank goodness i don't work until noon tomorrow. i love tuesdays. Did you know that? It's always been one of my favorite days of the week. There's good TV, it used to be cheap movie night, monday is over, I get to sleep in, as i have only worked a tuesday morning maybe three times in the two years and four months that i've been at the Lodge. If you know anything about me, you'll know that i am NOT a morning person. I don't like mornings. Correction, i don't like being awake in the mornings. Mornings are for extra sleep.

Anyways, you're thinking, yeah yeah yeah. Just wait til she has kids. I know, one day, my cushy life as i know if will change into something different. There just better be a Tim's next door. The summer student we have working at the Lodge, Caitlin (or red or stretch as i like to call her) has already come to the conclusion that i am happier, more cheerful (if that's possible) and more tolerant and enjoyable if i make it to Tim's in the morning. But alas, this brings back the problem of 830 work time, and trying to maximize my sleep time. Some days, there's just not enough time for Tim's. I can shave off a few minutes if I go inside. Sometimes, i just wanna yell at the people sitting in the drive thru line that the frustration you're feeling waiting in that line could be minimized if you park your car and go in. There's usually two people at the counter ready to serve, and there's even usually some eye candy for me... :D

I'm going on and on, and i haven't even told you any of my news....

All right, here goes............. drum roll please. Please realize at this point, i considered making u scroll down for a few minutes, but remember... i'm a kind person. LOL Anyways, I got a new job. Yippee. I have four more days at the Lodge. I got a job as a rehab assistant out in portage la prairie, at the Manitoba Development Center. Cool huh? Yes, i will be commuting initially -- don't wanna sign a lease if i'm not gonna like it. And yes, i know the price of gas, and that it takes 45+ mins to drive out there daily. I think some people must think i'm stupid, and that i haven't thought about stuff like that. NEWS FLASH (i just got this picture in my head of Sesame Street - this is Kermit de Frog here, reporting live - hehehehee) I am not an idiot. I do happen to think i am relatively intelligent (most days -- although, since getting two more smart teeth out a few weeks ago, i think i'm getting progressively stupider!) and i'm responsible and i think things through. SIGH. I'm ranting because people frustrate me sometimes. Not mentioning any nurses names at the Lodge... they know who they are! So i have four more days at the Lodge. Count em, four -- only three with Karen!!!! And no more with Lewis!!!!!! Ah Lewis. I start my new job Aug 8, so i have 10 days off in between. My parents are planning a trip (i am their social life - how sad is that?!?) to the states for a couple of days. im trying to get out of it. they just don't seem to get the whole space thing sometimes. I will probably be moving out sooner than later. There's just one factor kinda stopping me...........

Well, there's a couple actually. Part of me has concerns that if i'm not home, my parents' health and vitality levels will go down. I keep em young, i've always said that. but dad's 82 this year, and well, let's be realistic. He sleeps a lot of more than he used to. He's having problems with his knee (his hamstring is beyond tight). He told me that being on the computer is getting harder for him as his brain "isn't as sharp as it used to be". He's just getting old. i've always had a really close relationship with my dad, and i really love him. all i will say is that me not being here at home would change things around here.

The other MAJOR factor is the other part of my news. I PASSED MY CATA EXAM!!!! I am now a certified Athletic Therapist.... Oooooooooooooooooooo.... So, i am now really over qualified for my new job, and i admit, i'm not really looking forward to it anymore. That's the other reason why i'm commuting initially. Don't know if i'll stay there if i can land a dream job. I've actually been researching positions in the States and communicating with a CAT down in Michigan, who seems interested in me. I always said the ultimate would be to work in a high school down in the States. I seriously think i'm going to pursue this as far as it can take me. I phoned customs and found out that I can get a H-Visa if i get a job offer. Sounds like a plan for me. Pray for me, i'll let you know how things shape up.

So, that brings you up to date. My last day at the Lodge is friday, and it's gonna be a bit tough. I've been with some of those residents for a really long time, and i'm going to miss them and my kitty.

Oh i forgot to tell you Sarah got married. For some unknown reason, my pictures aren't posting... oh, well, i'll deal with it next time.

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Ruth said...

yah for UPDATES!!!! WOOO!
congrats on your new job lea! yahoo.

it was great seeing you on sunday. what a great surprise. love, roo