Thursday, July 27, 2006

My last day at the Lodge

Tomorrow is my last day working at Heritage Lodge Personal Care Home. Part of me is sad to be leaving, part of me is relieved that I can close that chapter of my life. It was really hard some days. Lois and Karen can be very trying sometimes. I've had to deal with a lot of conflicts over the last few months, especially since Stacy left. Andrea will be taking my place for the time being, but she is looking for another position as well. Hope ya find one, girlie!

I pray that the next person to take my position will be energetic and relate well to the residents. I pray that it is someone with a genuine love of old people and all the quirks that go along with the Lodge.

I shall miss all of the people at the Lodge, especially the nurses. Kim really gave me a new light on nurses and i have a ton of respect for her and how much she cares for people. Hats off to you Kimby! I wish I had met Lisa and Claudia before I had gone to school -- i probably would have gone into nursing if I had known where I could have taken it. The dietary staff are so amazing, and the HCA's are sooo busy, yet very caring when residents aren't having a very good day.

To the staff of Heritage Lodge, I have the utmost respect for you and for the friendships we've made. I will miss you terribly.

It's gonna be a hard day tomorrow, saying goodbye to some of the people I love so very much. Pray for me.

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