Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back Again -- Sorry for the delay Ruth!

Hi, you guys! Sorry for the delay. I knowI shouldn't complain about lack of updates on peoples' blogs, but i do it anways, so what should i expect when they send comments back. It's not my fault that your lives are more interesting than mine. Did you really want to know that I read an entire book on Saturday night by Sophie Kinsella? btw, I LOVE HER WRITING!!!

I didn't think so. So, I've been busy with my new job and football practice that I haven't had a lot of time. Plus, I'm still searching for another job.

My new job isn't so great. I'm really bored there and i've only been there for four weeks. My residents are great, and so is most of the staff, but I spent forty-five minutes doing the crossword today, because I had nothing else to do. Stace and I used to complain about "Bonus Material". Right now, I'd welcome some of it.

I do have an interview tomorrow. I'll tell you about it after.

I'm working with Rods again. No, i don't play football, i'm the trainer for the team so I tape the guys before games and I analyze any injuries that they complain about to see if i can give them some exercises or stretches to help make things less paingful... It sounds more glamorous than it is. Trust me! Sitting in the rain four 1.5 hours is not fun!

talk to ya soon
love lea