Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bailey's Firsts

So it has been a week of firsts for Bailey. He had his first cheeseburger from Mickey D's, which he devoured! And he has figured out how to go down the three stairs from the kitchen to the back door landing. Hasn't quite made it down the ten stairs to the basement, but i think it's only a matter of time before i find him in my bed. We haven't been putting him in his kennel at night, as he was crying and whining. He has freedom to roam around in the kitchen, but I find that he sleeps in his kennel, and is there when i leave for work in the morning. And he stopped crying too! The only time he cries is if i'm upstairs in the tv room or having a bath and he's barricaded in the kitchen. He does not cry when i'm downstairs though. Go figure. He has been meeting lots of other dogs while we're out for walks (i've lost a couple of inches off my waist -- yahoooooooooooo). A couple of Daschunds (sp?) named Chloe and Byron (different families), a beagle named Diesel and a big Husky cross Harley. My sister's kids loved him! He was soooo tired after they left.

I've snapped a few more pictures, but i'll post them next time so you can see how big he really is. The last pics were kinda deceiving apparently, so i took a picture of him next to my Nalgene bottle for comparison... something for you to look forward to :).

love lea

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Ruth said...

can't wait
can't wait
can't wait

(for the picies)