Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Somebody out there has a job for me


I am seeking employment in a position that utilizes my knowledge and skills in promoting and developing health and wellness programs.

· Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to foster teamwork
· Strong leadership ability with experience working with all age groups
· Demonstrated organization skills developed through balancing employment, course studies, and clinical and field practicum
· Effective communication skills with experience in teaching and assessment
· Well-established ability to implement, promote and maintain various health programs

Bachelor of Arts, Kinesiology and Applied Health October 2003
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry and Statistics October 2000
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rehabilitation Assistant August 2006 to Present
Manitoba Development Center, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Provide walking programs and therapeutic exercise for developmentally disabled seniors

Recreation Facilitator April 2004 to July 2006
Heritage Lodge Personal Care Home, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Provided recreational programs as part of a multidisciplinary team
Planned, organized, implemented, and evaluated activities based on residents’ needs
Consulted with staff, residents and families regarding care plan, and document progress
Member of Workplace Health and Safety Team and Environmental Services Team

Athletic Therapy Lab Assistant Winter 2003, 2004
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Manitoba
Facilitated the delivery of lessons and various athletic therapy related skills

Senior Fitness Instructor September 2002 to June 2003
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Assisted in the co-ordination of balance, strengthening and stretching programs for a group of seniors
Administered fitness tests
Compiled and graphed test results for research purposes

PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE (as Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate)
2003 T.E.A.M Family Wellness Centre
Use of Modalities (ultrasound, interferential current, heat, ice, and TENS)
2000-2003 University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Centre
Assessment of injuries
Teaching and assisting in stretching and exercise programs
Use of Modalities (ultrasound, interferential current, LASER, heat, ice, and TENS)

Worked with various teams in the community, High School, University/College, Provincial and National Sports
Distributed, collected and screened preseason medical forms
Led warm up and cool down sessions
Provided supportive bracing and on-site emergency first aid
Maintained health records of participating athletes
Created various rehabilitation programs for injured athletes
Delivered a presentation on Drugs In Sport and Nutrition
Supervised junior therapists

Playroom supervisor and child visitor at Children’s Hospital
Maintained web-page for University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Students Association
Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association
Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (2-3093) - certified June 2006

Awarded Robert Kellow Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement and extracurricular participation
Recipient of the John Taylor Drama Award for assistance in school productions
Interest in swimming, yoga, jewelry design, arts and crafts
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training
Mandt Training

REFERENCES available upon request

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Versions

New versions of internet explorer and windows media player have come out this month. My computer is smart and tells me when there are updates and I usually install them! However IE7 and WMP 11 were installed and promptlyremoved, after three hours of frustration and trying to get my screen to look like it did before. New isn't always improved. New sometimes equals cluttered and disorganized, and don't get me started on how much I HATE clutter. Anyways if you are in any way tempted to download these programs, i would strongly advise against it! They suck and I have reverted back to the ones that work!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

my little sunshine man graduated...

Not exactly the regular picture i post on here, but a very special one. I made this with one of my favorite residents a few weeks ago, during his hand strengthening program. I took a picture of it that day, so we would remember. Today, he graduated to heaven, unexpectedly. He was one of the few highlights of my day. Please pray for the staff on the floor -- it was a sad afternoon on Lawnside. I know Ziggy is in a better place, partying it up with Jesus, but I am going to miss him. He was WELL LOVED!

Winter Wonderland

All dolled up for the Winter Wonderland young adults Christmas party at church! Don't I look fabulous?! Even thought I've been sick this week, I managed to make it to the party. I got to meet some people from church (the purpose for me going), and I even won a prize basket. I had a blast, but learned, next time, wear the black dress. I was one of approximately six girls not wearing black. Next time, I'll wear the black one. The funny part was that I was debating on whether i should wear the blue one or the black one. That's okay. I still felt fantastic, except for being sick.

There was a poetry contest, but i wasn't able to create anything good. There were some creative people out there! Especially the interpretative dance about the dance of Classic Christmas, which Brad had to explain to me on his blog. Ah well, live and learn! I played some Jenga Extreme (I suck) and some Mad Gab. Was heading over to play some movie trivia when they drew for prizes. The basket I won really is awesome. All sorts of bath and beauty stuff. It's amazing! The hot chocolate was the highlight with whipped cream and little red sprinkles. I love sprinkles -- they make me happy :). It's the little things that sometimes make the event that much more special for me.

Grey Cup Fun

the pictures say it all...

This is me and my friend Marnie TOUCHING THE GREY CUP (before it broke).

We had a rockin' night partying at the Pal! I met (sorta) a really nice guy, but was too tired to introduce myself. I know, I suck! Here's hoping he's from Winnipeg and I see him again soon!