Monday, December 11, 2006

New Versions

New versions of internet explorer and windows media player have come out this month. My computer is smart and tells me when there are updates and I usually install them! However IE7 and WMP 11 were installed and promptlyremoved, after three hours of frustration and trying to get my screen to look like it did before. New isn't always improved. New sometimes equals cluttered and disorganized, and don't get me started on how much I HATE clutter. Anyways if you are in any way tempted to download these programs, i would strongly advise against it! They suck and I have reverted back to the ones that work!


Tams said...

I have a solution...Buy a Mac!

Lea said...

And then I'd just have to kill myself... But a Mac -- what kind of a solution is that? Fruity macs and all their compatibility problems -- NO THANKS! :) hehehehe. Windows all the way!