Thursday, December 07, 2006

Winter Wonderland

All dolled up for the Winter Wonderland young adults Christmas party at church! Don't I look fabulous?! Even thought I've been sick this week, I managed to make it to the party. I got to meet some people from church (the purpose for me going), and I even won a prize basket. I had a blast, but learned, next time, wear the black dress. I was one of approximately six girls not wearing black. Next time, I'll wear the black one. The funny part was that I was debating on whether i should wear the blue one or the black one. That's okay. I still felt fantastic, except for being sick.

There was a poetry contest, but i wasn't able to create anything good. There were some creative people out there! Especially the interpretative dance about the dance of Classic Christmas, which Brad had to explain to me on his blog. Ah well, live and learn! I played some Jenga Extreme (I suck) and some Mad Gab. Was heading over to play some movie trivia when they drew for prizes. The basket I won really is awesome. All sorts of bath and beauty stuff. It's amazing! The hot chocolate was the highlight with whipped cream and little red sprinkles. I love sprinkles -- they make me happy :). It's the little things that sometimes make the event that much more special for me.


RUTH said...

ahhh! you look great!
i'm glad you wore the blue dress.

Lea said...

Thanks Ruth! Holy MacaNoly Ruth! I wasn't even finished blogging before you posted! Step away from the computer, Bergen!!!!!