Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year!


We woke up to a HUGE pile of snow New Year's Eve day. I let Bailey out and he jumped into the snow and it was over his nose. I lauged. You should have seen him trying to move through the snow while i shovelled. It took me an hour to shovel just the patio. And then, my fabulous neighbor came and blew out the driveway with his snowblower while another shovelled with his kids! My neighbors rock! I spent a fun New Year's with Tanya and Sarah playing board games and EATING, but didn't bring my camera so i will have to wait until they send me pictures before I post any of those ones, as I have none of my own.


Here's Bailey a few days later. Mr. Bailey got snipped last week. Poor little guy. And they put a cone on his head. He was unimpressed the first couple of days, but now, it seems to be fun for him. When we go for walks, he scoops the snow out of his way.

He's being a bit of a brat, but it's to be expected I guess. I was going to sign him up for obedience school lessons, but will wait as classes start this week, and i don't want him to be the weird dog with the funny cone around his neck that the other dogs make fun of. This can traumatize animals. Look at what happened to Rudolph when he tried to join in the reindeer games. hehehehe...

I hope you're keeping well, and i look forward to your comments!

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Brad said...

I like your dog...he looks fun.