Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clean, Green Sitting Machine

Due to -40'c temperatures, my car mats were full of snow and frozen solid. I brought the drivers' side one in to thaw it out and try to clean it up! This afternoon, i brought it upstairs to shampoo it. Little did i know.... My mother decided i should continue on, as there were a few spots that the dog had had accidents on. I ended up shampooing the entire upstairs carpets except for where the furniture was) and a very dirty green chair. The chair is now fantabulous! We couldn't believe how green it could be! I threatened Bailey that he shouldn't even think of accidents inside this week. He's been very good about going out and telling us he needs to go out. I can almost say we've got him house trained! Finally! Crate training rocks! And I am all for clicker training! He's learning that at puppy school right now, and it was $80 well spent! He's been so much better since we started clicker school. For more information, please go here and learn all about it! I highly recommend it! It takes the frustration out of training ur dog. Didn't get two of the jobs i interviewed for. i'm still looking! No word on the third, and i left another message on friday. Keep praying, please!

love lea