Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Long Time No Blog!!!

Hey! How are ya? I'm doing pretty good! Thirty, flirty and thriving! And I have a new job! I'm working at Great West Life as a file clerk. And I love it. There's tons of potential to move up, and that makes me happy. My boss is really nice and it turns out her Westie is Bailey's older sister! Small world!!!! My coworkers are amazing, and makes me think that it WASN't me, with the whole Portage thing. No regrets for quitting that job! Learning lots and there are daily challenges, so that's good too.

Bailey graduated from Puppy school and I will probably register him in the next class. He learned lots of tricks and stuff, but continues to chew books. He ate the Bible Dictionary yesterday. The most comical thing that occurred lately was when we were walking the other day and pciked up an old Tim's cup. I don't normally allow him to pick up garbage, but he looked so comical carrying this HUGE cup in his mouth, I couldn't not let him carry it. I just wish I had had my camera. He had to stop halfway down the street to take a break, but then picked it up again and brought it into the yard. He played with it around the backyard, batting it with his nose or his paw, took it under his tree, and then brought it out and shredded it! :) It was hillarious to watch him have so much fun with somebody's cup. To the litterer who left their cup by the townhouses, Bailey salutes you! He sure does love to play with take out cups!

Updates soon
love lea

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