Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where have I been?!

It took a long time to settle in here at CCC. I am starting to slowly feel my way, get to know my staff and jump into things. The first few weeks were crazy. I was submerged in three big events, one right after another and felt like i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

As I said, things are settling down a bit, and i'm starting to get a lot more organized. It drove me nuts at first, not being able to find anything.

I have been doing some stamping -- wait until you see my Christmas cards, but have not had a chance to take pics. maybe this weekend.

I'm also going to the gym every day (yay me) and totally watching what I eat. Tanya and Sarah have been awesome motivators and i'm feeling pretty good. Yay me!

Have a great day. I'll check in soon
Love Lea

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

goodbye KPCC, hello CCC

Well, if haven't already figured it out, I finished my last day at Kildonan on Friday and I start next Monday at Charleswood!


With a whole week off, I have already made some thank you cards for my coworkers, and two volunteers who brought me flowers on Friday (WOW) and have started on my Christmas cards. I'm going to have to make a lot of them this year, so I need to get started now. Quick! Order me some bashful blue ribbon and card stock stat! :D

When does stamp club start?!!?? I'm getting ANTSY for new stuff from the catalogue...... The bad news is I want a Level 3 hostess set, so I'm going to be spending a little bit of cash when it's my turn to host -- that's why I haven't ordered anything lately.

LOL -- I'll post my work later! Have a fabulous day!:)
Love Lea

Monday, August 24, 2009

A card for Eddie

Eddie's wife had their baby early last week. Eddie has gone on Paternity Leave, but we're celebrating tomorrow. I was in charge of picking up a gift card which will slide nicely into the little green slot in the card and making the card. Go figure. Enjoy!

Love Lea

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I do not lie!!!! :)

I did it! I got to spend a few hours in my stamp room today and here's what I came up. Actually, I made the blue card with my new embossing folder a couple of days ago buyt the camera was dead. I started working on the butterfly baskets during August long weekend and are filled with Mint Chocolates as a thank you for my coworkers. I made 17 and I think I'm going to need one or two more :(. I did make the thank you card tonight. Actually, I made 15 of them for Lani to give out to the people who donated to our Carribean night we had a few weeks ago. And look at the wee little green checkered basket which is literally the size of my thumb! I bought the pattern at Michael's a few weeks ago, but I didn't expect it to be that small. Don't know what I'll put it in them. I think a couple of Hershey Kisses might fit perfectly, but we'll see. Happy Looking! :)
Love Lea

Sunday Vow

My camera batteries are charged and I vow to spend some time in my stamp room this afternoon. Look forward to my masterpieces! Hopefully I'll post them tonight or tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Friday!

The good news is that it's Friday! The bad news is that football starts tomorrow for every saturday afternoon between now and hallowe'en. SIGH There goes my free Saturday afternoons!

We went to Dacquisto for dinner last night to finally celebrate dinner..... It was very nice. I don't know if I'd go back regularly, but it was good. I had a fabulous salad with pine nuts -- i love pine nuts and then my pizza had walnuts on them!!! Mmm mmm mmm... So that's one thing checked off the list, Tanya had her birthday celebrated.

Stamping... well, maybe some time, one day, one year. I hate being so freaking busy sometimes. And football is just going to add to it. I really would like to resign, but I've been doing it for so long, I think i would miss it. I'm really going to have to see how this month goes. Wish I could take a leave of absence until racing is over, but there's not really anybody to help out. SIGH.....

Have a great day
Love Lea

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good News, Bad News - A typical Day!

1. Good news - had a free evening last night to stamp, stamp, stamp

2. Bad news - texture plates don't come with the required equipment to use Big Shot

3. Good News - Michaels put out a flyer this week with a 40% coupon

4. Bad News- Mom threw it out on Sunday night with the garbage

5. Good News - Kate up for Road Trip to Wal-Mart, Ice Cream store and Michaels if need be

6. Bad News - Wal-Mart does not have required equipment

7. Good News - Wal-Mart has new Sophie Kinsella Book

8. Bad News - Kate's stomach started doing flips -- no ice cream for me :(

9. Good News - Michaels has required equipment

10. Bad news - It's $30 and I don't have a coupon --- i make the sacrifice

11. Good news - Michael's gives 40% coupon for next week -- i will be purchasing a cute little box template which i put back because i didn't have a coupon

12. Good news - Tanya at home -- wave as we go by... don't want to disturb newlyweds!

13. More Good News - Kate feeling somewhat better - let's go get a latte Too cold for ice cream anyways....

14. Good News - I was able to try out my new plates

15. Bad/Good News (depending on your perspective) - too tired to make a card or read my book so i just went to bed!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just another Manic Monday....

It's Tuesday. Yay. That manic monday is over!! It was a wonderfully horrible day yesterday. I really wanted to hit someone. But you know, it's amazing what your friends will do for you! I had football practice last night after my loooooooong day at work. And it rained. And I got soaked! My dear friend, Kate, who often drives me crazy, was my hero. :) She stopped by, on her way home, REALLY having to go pee and she lent me her jacket so I wouldn't freeze for the rest of practice. Thank you so much, Kate! I totally owe you a very long evening of squid gutting! :) AND THEN, when I returned the jacket, she let me go pee at her house!

I have NOT been in my stamp room since I got my new stuff, so I haven't even tried out the new texture plates. But the new catalogue came out and Heart to Heart punch is on sale, so I'll be putting in an order this week. New Rubbah!!!! I haven't even ordered it yet and I'm excited. And the nice man is the brown shirt and shorts delivers right to my door. I don't even have to go down Cheryl's scary road to pick up my stuff! Yay.

I am hoping to make some cards for the people I work with as a goodbye to them, so stay tuned for some ink! :)

Love Lea

Friday, July 24, 2009

Musketeer Marriage

Some pictures from a really awesome wedding! We had a great time, dealt with a few mishaps, cried some tears, laughed some laughs and danced up a storm! Now, barely recovered, the Three Musketeers are back to their crazy busy lives, trying to find a moment to celebrate a bride's belated birthday and stamp some cards... Good luck with that, hey!
Enjoy the pics! Have a great weekend
Love Lea

PS I need a new camera!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Since when......

Since when was wishing your ex-boyfriend a happy birthday code for "let's get back together". I missed that memo. And apparently, that also means that we can pick up where we left off and being apart for the last 11 months didn't really matter.

*NEWS FLASH: There are some seriously screwed up people out there! *

And my friends were wondering why I was sooooooo stressed out this weekend. That might give you a bit of a clue!

On a happy note, Tanya got married! Congratulations Tanya and Kevin!!! I wish you ALL the BEST!!!

Love Lea

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rain Rain, Go away!

Its been raining a lot lately. Last night, it poured! They even cancelled live racing.

I actually love the rain. It's clean and refreshing. It gives me an excuse to not take Bailey for a walk and curl up and watch a movie and eat popcorn. I love the sound, I love the feel -- even when it's cold. It's kind of like my own personal hug from God to me.

I came home from racing, very wet and cold. I crawled into the tub, then put my sweats on and popped some popcorn! Mmm... We were going to watch Knowing, but 18 kids and counting was on and they were going to Pigeon's Forge. I went there with my sister and her family a few years ago, and it was my FAVORITE vacation spot! So, after the show, I went downstairs to do some laundry. I walked to the laundry room and did some swearing. :) The drain had backed up and there was water everywhere! The good news is that it was clean water. The bad news is that there was water everywhere! Mom was not helpful (she sat in a chair and just watched), dad didn't even come down, and bailey... well, he just kept dropping his ball in the water so I would throw it. The other good news is that I remembered that we paid for some sort of drain to avoid this. Apparently, it didn't work, but when I pulled on it, it was like pulling a plug from a tub and all the water went shooting down the drain.

The whole basement is still soggy, smells like wet carpet (you think wet dog is a bad smell) and my laundry didn't get done.

Hopefully, tonight, i'll get somewhere with the laundry after the Harry Potter movie. (yay:P)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you sure it's Friday

I just had the busiest Friday of the last year today. I've been working non-stop. But getting lots accomplished. Yay. I walked by my stamping room and stared wistfully at it last night. Unfortunately, stamping has been taking a back seat to everything else, like walking my dog, getting caught in the rain, doing laundry, working out (blah), cleaning my room, doing more laundry, putting that laundry away, making lunch, cleaning the kitchen, and then crashing into bed. This week has been crazy busy. I can't believe Tanya is getting married in a week! I can't believe all the stuff I have lined up to do that hasn't been done lately!!! Eeeek... Hi, I'd like to buy some daylight!!! Tomorrow, I'm off to help Laura sort out merchandise and finish stocking med kits for football. There's racing tonight and tomorrow night and i'm in the clinic on Sunday. Kate wants to go to a movie tonight..... Maybe sunday will see me in my stamping room.... Hopefully..... My sister wants me to make her a bunch of gift card holder cards. Project! :) Let's just find some time for them! Have a great weekend!
Love Lea

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'm thankful for...

  • the guys who are coming today to cut the grass BECAUSE it meant I was outside, scooping up the poop and happened to see out of the corner of my eye as my "cute little westie" starting to crawl his way under the fence. The good news is I was able to catch him before he got out of the yard and I escorted him to his kennel for the night.

You never thought I'd be thankful for scooping poop, did ya?! I then had to find a way to block that part of the fence! I need some dirt!!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Quality Company Time!

Well, it's another admiration day and with little to do, I shall send you a bloggy love note! And share with you some pictures of the Big Shot, my creations with the Big Shot, my stamping space (because I'm always curious what other stamping spaces look like) and a random trip to Ottawa.... :) Enjoy!

The New Big Shot

My stamping Space

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Ponder

Hey! How ya been? I'm good. Got the cold that's been going around the track and i'm worn out, but i'm surviving.

A man that worked with my dad died this week. My mom said the guy who worked with my dad was called "Babe" and everyone called him that, even though his real name was Lawrence/Clarence or something like that. It made me smile. She said the funeral was nice. So, i've been thinking a lot about funerals. I know this sounds a little morbid, but have you ever thought about it? I mean, seriously thought about your funeral and what you want people to say or do... I admit, this week I have.

What makes a funeral nice? Flowers? People? Things said? Memories?

I told my friend Tanya a couple of months ago that I want them to play "Come to Jesus" at my funeral. Because I believe, to everything there is a season. A time to dance, a time to cry, etc. But please, don't be sad at my funeral! I would like people to laugh and have fun and remember how much I laughed and had fun! :)

My friend Kate had to take some pictures for her photography class and asked me if I would be her subject. Of course, I said yes. It was so much fun as we sat in the local coffee shop, sipping cider and chatting about life and then posing in such crazy shots! One of her friends asked if I always look like I'm having a good time?! I think that says a lot about me.

There's this one picture she took and i love it. The teacher said that it wasn't a good picture because it was blurry. But it totally encompassed who I am and Kate recognized that. I was laughing and falling over (she had me leaning over in my chair and i was about to lose my balance) and it was just fun! :)

Life isn't always easy -- read some of my past posts if you don't believe me -- but I think every situation provides us with opportunities to grow and to change and respond in different ways. I could choose to be miserable that my life isn't perfect :O (shocking, i know) or chose to look on the bright side and look for the good in people. What's your take? Will you look back on the people in your life with fond memories at their funeral or see that they did their best?

On a happy note, i did purchase my Big Shot stamping machine and it should be delivered tomorrow! Prepare yourself for another stamping frenzy!!! :D

Love Lea

Friday, June 05, 2009

TGI Friday

Oooooo, just writing that makes me want to go to Fridays in the States for dinner? Mmmm.... Fridays -- wanna go? Too bad I can't make it. Working, working, working.

It hasn't been a very good week. My cute little westie (it's ALWAYS a cute one) decided to nip one of my football players.... :( Guess who got a muzzle last night?!?!?! The stress of the whole situation has not been good! But I see a little tiny light at the end of the long long tunnel and think we can solve these issues and end up with a better, well-behaved dog.

Other than that, work is work. And i'm glad I get to sleep in (sort of) tomorrow and Sunday. That's all I got for you.... have a great day :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Psalm 23

Psalm 23:5
"my cup brims with blessing"

I know two posts in one day, what is going on?!?!!? I just felt like I needed to write this down because I feel God's presence and His blessing all around me right now. I want to remember this feeling when I feel like I'm all alone. I know this is an odd scripture -- they usually read it at funerals. But I don't feel like I'm dead..... Quite the contrary, I feel so blessed and ALIVE right now, it's awesome!!! You know, I used to get frustrated as to why I picked AT, especially after some of the challenges I faced. It wasn't easy. Actually, it was a struggle ALL THE WAY THROUGH. But, I heard a few days ago from Joel Osteen that the enemy fights you the most right before the best things happen.

I just want to encourage you right now. Whatever you're struggling through, whatever you're stressed about -- God is CLOSE; closer than you think. And your cup brimming with blessing isn't that far away.

Have a great rest of today!
Love Lea

The stamping frenzy continues


After another successful and busy day at the track in my clinic, the stamping continues.

I think I'm trying to justify the purchase of a Big Shot, which is a Stampin' Up cutter/embosser. I've seen some really neat things done with it and I'm itching to have one. I was actually supposed to purchase one in February, but when I had my accidents (count em three), I couldn't justify spending the money when I knew my license was going to cost so much and that there would be a repair bill on my car.

However, with the addition of many hours of work, and some extra funds to go along with it, I'm reconsidering it.

Can I really afford to purchase a $225 cutter when I really am considering moving out? Should I, instead, be putting that money to better use paying off my student loan or credit card? What are your thoughts? I know what Gail Vaz-Oxlade from 'Til Debt Do Us Part would say -- Credit card balances cost money! Pay them off! I gotta stop watching that show!!!! I got this job so I could afford the fun things in life!

Enough, deep thoughts! This card is for the teacher of the student volunteers I had this year at work. I think she's amazing and wish there were more teachers out there like her! There probably are -- i just haven't met them yet! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!
Love Lea

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On a Stamping Mission!

Hi! Working two jobs is good for me and my stamping! I made three more cards today. I've been walking by my stamp room all week long, longing to call in "sick" and spend the day in the stamp room. Today, I could do it without any guilt. Did some stamping before I had to go to the clinic at the track and tonight after races, I made a couple more.

Let me know what you think! My stamping demonstrator is going to be soooooo proud of me. The first one is for her -- for being a stampin' good demonstrator. The second one is for my coworker Lani, who has been AMAZING my first month at the track. And the third one is for my sister -- it's for her late bday card (i'm still waiting from one from her) and has a little slot as you see for me to add a starbucks gift card to it!

The inside of the birthday card for my sister -- see the little slot for the gift card? cute hey?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's 9:00 and I got my MOJO back!

Chelsey asked me to make her some birthday cards for her friends, because I gave her the yellow one from the previous post. It was a heck of a long day, but somehow, things just started flowing when I sat down in my stamping room tonight :).

After the first masterpiece, I thought I was done and picked out a card I made a few months ago for a second one for Chelsey. And then, the creativity continued and out came the butterfly card! I love that stamp set! I haven't used it in a loooooong time. And I hadn't made any glitter windows for awhile either. I think they both look fabulous! Chelsey is gonnna love em'!

It was another hectic morning at the track and I am impressed with all the things I accomplished today. Yay God! We worked hard today and I feel totally blessed to be doing all the things I'm doing right now! :)
Have a fabulous friday everybody! Don't think it'll be an admiration day for me -- this week was toooooooooo short!
Love Lea

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got my stamping bug back!

A funky new watercolor technique I learned from reading peoples' blogs.
Doesn't it look cool?
I'm very impressed with my talent! :)
Life has been pretty busy lately. Today, I worked day 24 in a row. I'm planning a BBQ at work right now. It's a lot bigger and a lot more work than I initially thought, so there was some swearing at work today when I looked at the file folder. Eeeeek!

Things at the track are lots of fun! I'm really enjoying and it's non stressful so that's good news. Life is pretty good right now :)
Have a great day
Love Lea

Friday, May 15, 2009

Admiration Day

What, you may ask, is admiration day? It is an absolutely WONDERFUL thing the management team here has invented. It's where you sit back and admire everything you've done over the last week. So here it is. You get to sit back and admire with me.
The aforementionned gift I told you about a few weeks ago, one of the centerpieces and Chelsey's famous balloon cluster and streamer display.

The whole event went really well. Thanks to everyone who helped out. It was fun, but I am still tired! :) At this point, there is live racing this weekend, but I don't know. Maybe they'll cancel it due to the weather... SIGH. Crazy. My coworker lives in Winnipeg Beach and had to brush all the snow off her car this AM. hehehe.
Have a great admiration day
Love Lea

Friday, May 08, 2009

It's Friday!

This week has flown by! Oh my goodness! I've been crazy tired all week long, but cramming all kinds of stuff into a few days would probably be the cause of that. This week has been better after my last rant. My friends are fabulous! Kudos to Tanya and Sarah! I don't know what we'll do without you, Sarah, when you go......... :(

Started my new job at the track -- my first patient was a no show. Live racing starts Sunday, so things will probably pick up over the next little while. Yes, it will get busier! And to think a few weeks ago, i was bored bored bored. LOL

Well, that's the short of the long! :)

Love ya

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some days really SUCK!

I'll start with something positive. Gotta make lemonade with lemons. Here's the card I made for Tanya's parents -- still haven't mailed it, but here it is. Color is off, but I wasn't in the mood to play around with it. It's actually black and gold and quite pretty.


Remember how I was telling you this AM about all the stuff I did. Did you know my mom didn't even thank me once? And when I talked about all the work I did and that the front still needed to be done, do you know what she said? "I already hired someone to do it." Thanks. She went on and on about how wonderful it was that my sister was over last wednesday to help carry some computer equipment to the car. I spend an hour and a half helping my dad and she says "I hired someone to do it." Nice hey? She also mentionned how much MY DOG loves my sister. "I think he loves her the best". Thanks. I really wanted to hear that MY DOG loves my sister more, when she shows up once every couple of months. I don't mean to be mean, but sometimes my mom is a bitch. She just doesn't think about what her words are doing to other people. ARGH!!!! And you wonder why I'm miserable living here??!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?

I tried to soothe myself with some happy stamping tonight. And the creativity still just is NOT happening. AND THEN! Look what happened! I was cleaning my scrubby and one of the tabs broke :( when I went to put it back in. That's not happy stamping news......

I now am trying to avoid crying and hope tomorrow will be better.

It's Tuesday and I'm tired

But why you ask? Because my mom got a new scooter.

She decided we should go for a walk with Bailey last night after supper. And I'll have you know, that new scooter goes a lot faster than the ones in Wal-Mart. Yes, I admit I was inspired by Kathryn's blog and made a vow to start running. However, I guess I'm more out of shape than I thought. Sitting at home and watching TV this winter has not been very beneficial. We were only gone for 30 minutes, but that was a good start.

If that were the end, I probably would have been okay. HOWEVER, Dad decided to clean the patio where he plans to store the new scooter. So I decided to help him. And then I decided to pull out the lawn furniture. Jesse, my neighbor, came and helped me move the swing -- cheers for manly men! And then I decided to rake the rest of the backyard, which I had started on Saturday. And then my dad pulled out the leaf blower and I sucked up some leaves.

All because of a new scooter. Parts of me are sore and Linda, my massage therapist, recently got the knots out of me..... sigh. It never ends.

On a positive note, I got the job as an AT at Assiniboia Downs -- yippee but had to quit my new job at Michaels :( Boooo... Can't do three jobs at once. Was sad to quit, but I will reapply in October when my term at the track is done.

Good reason for being tired? I think so! :)
Have a fantabulous Tuesday!

I have a couple of socials to go to this weekend, so if you wanna come, let me know!
Love Lea

Friday, April 24, 2009

Funday Friday!

Mmm... Friday! Ah. I did laundry last night, so that's almost done, and the weekend is looking free. Other than the new job that officially starts on Sunday. :) Come visit me at Michaels Polo Park!

I made a birthday card for Chelsey to give to her aunt and I just wasn't feeling the stamping last night. Some days I can create and create and come up with something fabulous -- last night, not so much. Hopefully, the creative juices will be flowing more tomorrow.

The volunteer banquet continues to come together. All the invitations have gone out. I need to make a program today and print out the SPECIAL awards.

This is very boring blogging today, i'm sorry. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to tell you later :) This is what happens when I blog daily :) I was never meant to be on top of things :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Smiles

Hey! SO, apparently the Twilight book number three that I said was sort of good, must have been REALLY good because I finished it by Tuesday night. I purchased book four and have started reading it. I am not going to read it as quickly (yeah right) because apparently, the fifth one isn't done yet. The horror!

The volunteer banquet that I'm planning at work is starting to come together -- yay! and I'm getting really excited about it. Tons of work but i think everything will be awesome. :) My theme this year is Volunteers Shine. So everything is stars! I love stars! I'll take some pics of the little gift every one gets later on today and post it for your admiration of my talents. :)

I had an interview today for the Track as an AT. It went pretty well, I'll let you know when I hear more!

Have a fantabulous day!
Love Lea

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So in case you're wondering, I did break down and buy the third book in the Twilight series on Sunday. Not as good as number 2, but I am enjoying it. That's what I did last night.

I also learned that although Bailey ignores me when I tell him to come, he listens VERY well to STAY! I was able to go and get him without him taking off in the backyard last night. He'd been out for a few hours and didn't want to come inside. I rewarded him with a walk around the block.

No stamping last night, I was reading my book. I should be done today, so maybe some stamping tonight. What kind of card would you like?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Excitement

We'll start with a picture of Me!!! This is last weekend at Kakabekka (sp?) Falls. I can't believe this was only a week ago. It seem so long ago. I'm holding my friend Tanya's niece, Paige. She was the SWEETEST kid ever! I would have brought her home with me in a second! She was soooooo well behaved. Tanya's sister, Sandra, didn't raise her voice once with Paige and Paige's little sister Sydney. A lot different than when my and my sister were kids. My mom was ALWAYS yelling at us!

This weekend was another busy weekend! I love been busy. :) I found out on Friday that I got another job!!! Wahoo! At Michael's! Double Wahoo!

Friday night I went to a Bud, Spud and Steak for Luther Village Camp (my friend Tanya is on the board, so I got sucked into another fundraiser)! Was supposed to go out to the pub afterwards with Kate and Chris, but was tooooo tired. You can ask my staff -- i've been complaining about being tired all week long.

Saturday I was up early, doing laundry, went to Wal-Mart, and then last night I went to see I Love You Man with Kate and Chris. It was very entertaining and the whole audience was laughing out loud! I was up early again this AM as I had training at my new job (no, i'm still keeping the one at KPCC -- this is just to help pay down debt so I can move out). Went to Costco, came home, starting reading my new book(!!!!!) and then Bailey and I had a nap. :) Sunday afternoon naps rock!

This evening, i watched some TV, steamed my shirts (anybody know how to use a steamer and NOT steam your thumb??? I'd love some suggestions), and made some cards for stamp club. I love homework for stamp club. It really gets me thinking.

This is new paper from sale-a-bration, so cute and the fish has been crystal effected! That's why he looks kind of odd!

I think I might add some glitter -- what can I say -- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts is rubbing off on me! I'll have to look at it more once the fishie is dry.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!

It was a short week, but I'm still glad it's Friday. Happy Belated Easter to you! I was in Thunder Bay with Tanya for the weekend and I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. zzzzzzzz Tanya's beautiful family hosted a shower for her upcoming wedding. You should see all the wonderful stuff she got. Wow! Her bathroom is going to look fabulous!!!! :)

Been a fairly quiet week for me at work -- this is the time in the month where I have to stretch things out a bit. It'll start getting busy now and there's a few special events coming up so days should be getting more hectic.

I finished reading the book New Moon - number two in the Twilight series. Didn't really want to see the movie but my coworker talked me into it -- Ah peer pressure! -- and it was AMAZING! Not what I expected it at all! Then Chelsey lent me the book to read..... That's another reason why I'm still tired....... Been reading all week long. And now, I'm in a sort of a dilemma. Do I purchase book three (and four and five) or wait for someone else? Thoughts? I don't think I'll be able to get it from the library any time soon.

Stamping was sooo much fun this week! Wait til you see all the cool stuff I have ordered... I'll have to get creative and take some pictures over the next few weeks for you. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I have promised pics and I do not disappoint!

It's a very simple card, as cards go. I learned the technique in my last stamping class. The reason I made it so simple is that I was planning on making a whole bunch of them to send to some Marines down in states, as a request from Mikey's Funnies, a daily email I get. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and didn't get to send them. However, you may be one of the lucky friend like people who MIGHT receive one. Keep your fingers crossed and a small white envelope just may appear in your mailbox. Send me a comment with your address and I'll see what I can do :) . It was a crazy day today and I was grumpy. I'm still quite grumpy. But Tanya cheered me up a little. Yay for Tanya. I can't really say why I was in such a foul mood. Could be a number of things. SIGH. Just one of those days, I guess. Bailey had an accident today, very unlike him, and when I went to shampoo the carpets, we didn't have any soap. When I went to buy the soap at Wal-Mart, they didn't have the kind I usually buy. When I came home and started shampooing the carpet, the soap didn't want to come out, and then, the water didn't want to be sucked up. Turns out there was a part missing and I couldn't find it. I had to suck up the water using the upholstery hose accessory. Any idea how much longer that took. I came upstairs to tell my mother that the part was missing, and it was sitting on the bookshelf in the TV room. Some days just SUCK!!!!

On a brighter note, I realized I have stamp class next Tuesday, with plans to go to Thunder Bay with Tanya for the weekend, and i have homework to do. Prior to my shampooing fiasco, I sat in my stamping room for close to an hour, trying to find some inspiration. While in Wal-Mart, (by the way, I found the cutest shoes and jacket -- i refrained) I wandered down the craft aisle. I admired some Martha Stewart paper, which I actually own and i was inspired. After my shampooing fiasco, I sat down in my stamping room and low and behold, we have a card!!!! I know you're excited to see it. Maybe I shouldn't post it. I'll make you wait. Nah! That's mean!

Oh wait, I am mean! :) Hehehehe KIDDING! Here ya go!
Please note that I took the picture of the card on a piece of chocolate chip card stock (yes, that's the name of the color) because the flash messed up my colors. Isn't it cute?

Well, I do need some sleep, or I will start picking fights with my staff tomorrow and that's just bad! Have a great Tuesday. Did you know Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week? No reason, it just is (i think it's because it used to be cheap night at the movies though). What's your favorite day of the week? My guess is Friday or Saturday. Am I right?!?!?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sorry no pics

It was may intention to post a pic of one of the cards I made, but when I went to take the pic, my camera batteries were dead. They are currently on the charger, being recharged. So you will wait. Maybe eventually, but don't hold your breath. It's been a busy weekend. Saw the movie Monsters vs. Aliens with Kate and Kevin on Friday. It was entertaining. It irritates me that they charge extra for 3D and then want their glasses back. And, if you bring your own glasses, they'll still charge you extra. My dear friend Heidi taught me how to make Paska on Saturday and I had a snowball fight and made a snowman with her adorable kids!! Saturday night was my friend Jen's birthday party, so was out at her home and met her new man. He seems really nice. Yay! You deserve it Jen! This morning, went to church, burned my quesadilla (:( boooooo), did some shopping for work, bought some new underwear (:) Yayyyyyyy), went for a walk with Bailey, Kate and Finnigan, and now am at home, doing laundry and watching Apprentice. Phew! No wonder i'm tired on Mondays! Have a nice night!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick and Tired

Did you ever have that feeling? I have been struggling with sore throats and migraines and acid reflux over the last few weeks. It sucks. I hate being sick! Especially when I have stuff I need to do at work and zero motivation. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. SIGH. I so need to take some time off. But with no $ (see previous post), spending time with the parental unit is not high on my priority list, nor would it be stress relieving. Oh well, i guess i'll just suffer through.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Back!

Hi, welcome back to my improved blog. Notice any changes? Probably not immediately apparent. I guess you'll just have to keep checking back, because I have decided to become a more dedicated blogger. It's been a difficult winter. I've been doing some neat things and learning some hard lessons. I have decided that I need to share them with you.

I was in 3 car accidents in a matter of 6 weeks in December and January. I said it had been a difficult winter. No, no one was hurt (I only hit posts, medians or snowbanks) except Spiffy, but he's doing much better now! I still get a little when I am driving or someone else is driving, but I'm getting better. My fabulous coworker and my friends have been great about it. The bad part is there's going to be $2400 surcharge on my license. And when I prayed about how the heck was I going to pay for it, God kept telling me that I was "to share with the world what You did for me because You did it for them too!" I look forward to what He's going to do about it.

I've also become an avid stamper. And I plan to start taking pictures of some of the cards I made so you can see them.

Employment wise, I'm working as the Recreation Manager at Kildonan P.C.C. and I love my job! It's awesome! :) It makes me sad that it is a maternity until September but I am leaving that up to God.

All right, that's enough for tonight. Don't wanna overwhelm you all at once! :)

Love Lea