Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Tuesday and I'm tired

But why you ask? Because my mom got a new scooter.

She decided we should go for a walk with Bailey last night after supper. And I'll have you know, that new scooter goes a lot faster than the ones in Wal-Mart. Yes, I admit I was inspired by Kathryn's blog and made a vow to start running. However, I guess I'm more out of shape than I thought. Sitting at home and watching TV this winter has not been very beneficial. We were only gone for 30 minutes, but that was a good start.

If that were the end, I probably would have been okay. HOWEVER, Dad decided to clean the patio where he plans to store the new scooter. So I decided to help him. And then I decided to pull out the lawn furniture. Jesse, my neighbor, came and helped me move the swing -- cheers for manly men! And then I decided to rake the rest of the backyard, which I had started on Saturday. And then my dad pulled out the leaf blower and I sucked up some leaves.

All because of a new scooter. Parts of me are sore and Linda, my massage therapist, recently got the knots out of me..... sigh. It never ends.

On a positive note, I got the job as an AT at Assiniboia Downs -- yippee but had to quit my new job at Michaels :( Boooo... Can't do three jobs at once. Was sad to quit, but I will reapply in October when my term at the track is done.

Good reason for being tired? I think so! :)
Have a fantabulous Tuesday!

I have a couple of socials to go to this weekend, so if you wanna come, let me know!
Love Lea

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