Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Excitement

We'll start with a picture of Me!!! This is last weekend at Kakabekka (sp?) Falls. I can't believe this was only a week ago. It seem so long ago. I'm holding my friend Tanya's niece, Paige. She was the SWEETEST kid ever! I would have brought her home with me in a second! She was soooooo well behaved. Tanya's sister, Sandra, didn't raise her voice once with Paige and Paige's little sister Sydney. A lot different than when my and my sister were kids. My mom was ALWAYS yelling at us!

This weekend was another busy weekend! I love been busy. :) I found out on Friday that I got another job!!! Wahoo! At Michael's! Double Wahoo!

Friday night I went to a Bud, Spud and Steak for Luther Village Camp (my friend Tanya is on the board, so I got sucked into another fundraiser)! Was supposed to go out to the pub afterwards with Kate and Chris, but was tooooo tired. You can ask my staff -- i've been complaining about being tired all week long.

Saturday I was up early, doing laundry, went to Wal-Mart, and then last night I went to see I Love You Man with Kate and Chris. It was very entertaining and the whole audience was laughing out loud! I was up early again this AM as I had training at my new job (no, i'm still keeping the one at KPCC -- this is just to help pay down debt so I can move out). Went to Costco, came home, starting reading my new book(!!!!!) and then Bailey and I had a nap. :) Sunday afternoon naps rock!

This evening, i watched some TV, steamed my shirts (anybody know how to use a steamer and NOT steam your thumb??? I'd love some suggestions), and made some cards for stamp club. I love homework for stamp club. It really gets me thinking.

This is new paper from sale-a-bration, so cute and the fish has been crystal effected! That's why he looks kind of odd!

I think I might add some glitter -- what can I say -- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts is rubbing off on me! I'll have to look at it more once the fishie is dry.

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