Friday, May 15, 2009

Admiration Day

What, you may ask, is admiration day? It is an absolutely WONDERFUL thing the management team here has invented. It's where you sit back and admire everything you've done over the last week. So here it is. You get to sit back and admire with me.
The aforementionned gift I told you about a few weeks ago, one of the centerpieces and Chelsey's famous balloon cluster and streamer display.

The whole event went really well. Thanks to everyone who helped out. It was fun, but I am still tired! :) At this point, there is live racing this weekend, but I don't know. Maybe they'll cancel it due to the weather... SIGH. Crazy. My coworker lives in Winnipeg Beach and had to brush all the snow off her car this AM. hehehe.
Have a great admiration day
Love Lea

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