Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's 9:00 and I got my MOJO back!

Chelsey asked me to make her some birthday cards for her friends, because I gave her the yellow one from the previous post. It was a heck of a long day, but somehow, things just started flowing when I sat down in my stamping room tonight :).

After the first masterpiece, I thought I was done and picked out a card I made a few months ago for a second one for Chelsey. And then, the creativity continued and out came the butterfly card! I love that stamp set! I haven't used it in a loooooong time. And I hadn't made any glitter windows for awhile either. I think they both look fabulous! Chelsey is gonnna love em'!

It was another hectic morning at the track and I am impressed with all the things I accomplished today. Yay God! We worked hard today and I feel totally blessed to be doing all the things I'm doing right now! :)
Have a fabulous friday everybody! Don't think it'll be an admiration day for me -- this week was toooooooooo short!
Love Lea

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