Sunday, May 24, 2009

Psalm 23

Psalm 23:5
"my cup brims with blessing"

I know two posts in one day, what is going on?!?!!? I just felt like I needed to write this down because I feel God's presence and His blessing all around me right now. I want to remember this feeling when I feel like I'm all alone. I know this is an odd scripture -- they usually read it at funerals. But I don't feel like I'm dead..... Quite the contrary, I feel so blessed and ALIVE right now, it's awesome!!! You know, I used to get frustrated as to why I picked AT, especially after some of the challenges I faced. It wasn't easy. Actually, it was a struggle ALL THE WAY THROUGH. But, I heard a few days ago from Joel Osteen that the enemy fights you the most right before the best things happen.

I just want to encourage you right now. Whatever you're struggling through, whatever you're stressed about -- God is CLOSE; closer than you think. And your cup brimming with blessing isn't that far away.

Have a great rest of today!
Love Lea

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