Friday, June 05, 2009

TGI Friday

Oooooo, just writing that makes me want to go to Fridays in the States for dinner? Mmmm.... Fridays -- wanna go? Too bad I can't make it. Working, working, working.

It hasn't been a very good week. My cute little westie (it's ALWAYS a cute one) decided to nip one of my football players.... :( Guess who got a muzzle last night?!?!?! The stress of the whole situation has not been good! But I see a little tiny light at the end of the long long tunnel and think we can solve these issues and end up with a better, well-behaved dog.

Other than that, work is work. And i'm glad I get to sleep in (sort of) tomorrow and Sunday. That's all I got for you.... have a great day :)

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