Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Ponder

Hey! How ya been? I'm good. Got the cold that's been going around the track and i'm worn out, but i'm surviving.

A man that worked with my dad died this week. My mom said the guy who worked with my dad was called "Babe" and everyone called him that, even though his real name was Lawrence/Clarence or something like that. It made me smile. She said the funeral was nice. So, i've been thinking a lot about funerals. I know this sounds a little morbid, but have you ever thought about it? I mean, seriously thought about your funeral and what you want people to say or do... I admit, this week I have.

What makes a funeral nice? Flowers? People? Things said? Memories?

I told my friend Tanya a couple of months ago that I want them to play "Come to Jesus" at my funeral. Because I believe, to everything there is a season. A time to dance, a time to cry, etc. But please, don't be sad at my funeral! I would like people to laugh and have fun and remember how much I laughed and had fun! :)

My friend Kate had to take some pictures for her photography class and asked me if I would be her subject. Of course, I said yes. It was so much fun as we sat in the local coffee shop, sipping cider and chatting about life and then posing in such crazy shots! One of her friends asked if I always look like I'm having a good time?! I think that says a lot about me.

There's this one picture she took and i love it. The teacher said that it wasn't a good picture because it was blurry. But it totally encompassed who I am and Kate recognized that. I was laughing and falling over (she had me leaning over in my chair and i was about to lose my balance) and it was just fun! :)

Life isn't always easy -- read some of my past posts if you don't believe me -- but I think every situation provides us with opportunities to grow and to change and respond in different ways. I could choose to be miserable that my life isn't perfect :O (shocking, i know) or chose to look on the bright side and look for the good in people. What's your take? Will you look back on the people in your life with fond memories at their funeral or see that they did their best?

On a happy note, i did purchase my Big Shot stamping machine and it should be delivered tomorrow! Prepare yourself for another stamping frenzy!!! :D

Love Lea

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