Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you sure it's Friday

I just had the busiest Friday of the last year today. I've been working non-stop. But getting lots accomplished. Yay. I walked by my stamping room and stared wistfully at it last night. Unfortunately, stamping has been taking a back seat to everything else, like walking my dog, getting caught in the rain, doing laundry, working out (blah), cleaning my room, doing more laundry, putting that laundry away, making lunch, cleaning the kitchen, and then crashing into bed. This week has been crazy busy. I can't believe Tanya is getting married in a week! I can't believe all the stuff I have lined up to do that hasn't been done lately!!! Eeeek... Hi, I'd like to buy some daylight!!! Tomorrow, I'm off to help Laura sort out merchandise and finish stocking med kits for football. There's racing tonight and tomorrow night and i'm in the clinic on Sunday. Kate wants to go to a movie tonight..... Maybe sunday will see me in my stamping room.... Hopefully..... My sister wants me to make her a bunch of gift card holder cards. Project! :) Let's just find some time for them! Have a great weekend!
Love Lea

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