Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good News, Bad News - A typical Day!

1. Good news - had a free evening last night to stamp, stamp, stamp

2. Bad news - texture plates don't come with the required equipment to use Big Shot

3. Good News - Michaels put out a flyer this week with a 40% coupon

4. Bad News- Mom threw it out on Sunday night with the garbage

5. Good News - Kate up for Road Trip to Wal-Mart, Ice Cream store and Michaels if need be

6. Bad News - Wal-Mart does not have required equipment

7. Good News - Wal-Mart has new Sophie Kinsella Book

8. Bad News - Kate's stomach started doing flips -- no ice cream for me :(

9. Good News - Michaels has required equipment

10. Bad news - It's $30 and I don't have a coupon --- i make the sacrifice

11. Good news - Michael's gives 40% coupon for next week -- i will be purchasing a cute little box template which i put back because i didn't have a coupon

12. Good news - Tanya at home -- wave as we go by... don't want to disturb newlyweds!

13. More Good News - Kate feeling somewhat better - let's go get a latte Too cold for ice cream anyways....

14. Good News - I was able to try out my new plates

15. Bad/Good News (depending on your perspective) - too tired to make a card or read my book so i just went to bed!

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