Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just another Manic Monday....

It's Tuesday. Yay. That manic monday is over!! It was a wonderfully horrible day yesterday. I really wanted to hit someone. But you know, it's amazing what your friends will do for you! I had football practice last night after my loooooooong day at work. And it rained. And I got soaked! My dear friend, Kate, who often drives me crazy, was my hero. :) She stopped by, on her way home, REALLY having to go pee and she lent me her jacket so I wouldn't freeze for the rest of practice. Thank you so much, Kate! I totally owe you a very long evening of squid gutting! :) AND THEN, when I returned the jacket, she let me go pee at her house!

I have NOT been in my stamp room since I got my new stuff, so I haven't even tried out the new texture plates. But the new catalogue came out and Heart to Heart punch is on sale, so I'll be putting in an order this week. New Rubbah!!!! I haven't even ordered it yet and I'm excited. And the nice man is the brown shirt and shorts delivers right to my door. I don't even have to go down Cheryl's scary road to pick up my stuff! Yay.

I am hoping to make some cards for the people I work with as a goodbye to them, so stay tuned for some ink! :)

Love Lea

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