Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rain Rain, Go away!

Its been raining a lot lately. Last night, it poured! They even cancelled live racing.

I actually love the rain. It's clean and refreshing. It gives me an excuse to not take Bailey for a walk and curl up and watch a movie and eat popcorn. I love the sound, I love the feel -- even when it's cold. It's kind of like my own personal hug from God to me.

I came home from racing, very wet and cold. I crawled into the tub, then put my sweats on and popped some popcorn! Mmm... We were going to watch Knowing, but 18 kids and counting was on and they were going to Pigeon's Forge. I went there with my sister and her family a few years ago, and it was my FAVORITE vacation spot! So, after the show, I went downstairs to do some laundry. I walked to the laundry room and did some swearing. :) The drain had backed up and there was water everywhere! The good news is that it was clean water. The bad news is that there was water everywhere! Mom was not helpful (she sat in a chair and just watched), dad didn't even come down, and bailey... well, he just kept dropping his ball in the water so I would throw it. The other good news is that I remembered that we paid for some sort of drain to avoid this. Apparently, it didn't work, but when I pulled on it, it was like pulling a plug from a tub and all the water went shooting down the drain.

The whole basement is still soggy, smells like wet carpet (you think wet dog is a bad smell) and my laundry didn't get done.

Hopefully, tonight, i'll get somewhere with the laundry after the Harry Potter movie. (yay:P)

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