Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another loooooooooong day

It was another long day at CCC. Stressful, but I can't really get into it. All I wanted was a hug when I came home and my mom was on the phone with my sister and too busy for a hug.
I moped around for awhile and then went into my stamping room. Not a very good day there either, but i finally got a couple of cards made. Here they are... I found this first one is Stampin' Success, the magazine that demonstrators get every month. These ice creams were a NIGHTMARE to make... even with the stamp-a-majig. I was going to use this card for my open house... I THINK not!!!The second card and I were having difficulties making it into a card. I finally found a way to make it look okay. My mojo is fleeting... Wish I had more time to perfect things.... Apparently I should also repaint my stamping table. It looks awful! Yeesh!
If you're ever interested in joining the Stampin' Up family, please feel to email me or leave a comment so we can talk more about it. We'll be in this together, I assure you! Another friend would make the swim a little easier as we conquer waves together!
These last two pics are from a golf tournament that I was at on Monday for the horse race track. No, i do not golf. Not even a little. This is Joey, the outrider (don't ask me what that means) and my coworker Lani (the counsellor/chaplain). I heart them both a lot. There is never a dull moment when these two crazy cats are around. Especially when Joey's got his putter! LOL! As you see, my dear friend Lani is expecting... And Joey decided we needed to compare their bellies.This last pic is my boss, who I lovingly call "Giant Man". Brian heads Winner's foundation (the non profit company that I work for at the track) and I wish all bosses were like him. He's my work dad and he always takes care of us!

That's all for today. A little step into some of my multiple lives...

Have a fabulous evening and a wonderful weekend.

See you soon

Love Lea!

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