Monday, September 05, 2011

Oh MOJO, how i missed you!

Well, it took some time to find, but my stamping mojo is back in the nick of time. PHEW! I'm in a swap next week. This is my card. Do you like it? I saw this combination at convention and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. This is pink pirouette, early expresso and poolside party! We've got a couple of sets going on -- The owl comes from gifts givers, and the love pennant comes from Warmest Wishes -- both from the new Holiday Mini. Love it! Have you had a chance to see the holiday mini? If not, let me know, and I can get one to you. Soooooooooo cute! Spent way too much money in hopes of getting my stampin' up business off the ground. Wish me luck with that! I used a glitter window technique so it sparkles and shines, and so do everything else that has now been touched by glitter! :)

With that in mind, I am planning to start stamp club Thursday Sept 22 at 7:00PM! Let me know if you're interested. Class is free. You just have to spend $25 before shipping and taxes. We'll make two projects -- if I knew what they were, I'd post them (LOL), and everyone who joins will get a chance to be the hostess at least once. It'll be tons of fun, and I even shampooed the carpets for you this weekend :).

If you're in Cher's tuesday club, alas, after four years of stamping mayhem, i won't be there. Too much on my plate -- this little bird is leaving the nest :)

I also have a birthday stamp a stack scheduled for Sunday, Sept 18 -- better get on that one too! We'll make 10 cards -- 5 designs each for $25. Who doesn't need Birthday cards?!?!?

Send me an email to, call me at 223-5043 or leave a comment here to sgin up for either or both of these events! :)

Saturday, September 24, my friend Alanna is having a Crop day and somehow, I suggested that I bring my massage table and give massages during the day -- silly me!! :) If you are interested in joining the crop, I believe it's $50, includes snacks and meals, prizes and a HUGE stamping sale.

It will be a crammed up September, but they usually are! :) I love this time of year -- the smells, the trees, the colors, hot apple cider, football season (go Rods!), wearing my comfy jeans again with a sweater -- i actually miss those days in the hot hot summer, where it's tooo hot to do anything, but enjoy the AC and wait for fall.

Welcome back, fall, i've missed you! :)

The other very important news is the arrival of a baby bundle! Ashton Thomas Saunders was born September 1, 2011 to two of the most important people in my life -- Tanya and Kevin Saunders. We're so excited that you came to join us, Little Bundle! :) Welcome to the outside world!

He's absolutely perfect and definitely a loved baby! :)

Well, that catches you up a little! Never a dull moment!

Love lea

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Convention Swaps

As promised here they are! I did 6 organized swaps and one general swap.

This first one is my wow swap. It uses a reverse soot technique. I made 100 of these. Ugh! All by myself because Tanya decided to go on vacation for a week. I missed her lots. I assure you!

The next one here is my Very Vintage Swap. It was my first attempt at vintage and I was impressed on how it turned out. I was going for gaudy and achieved vintage. Now you know why I'm not a huge vintage fan. But I actually loved the way this one turned out.

I participated in two differnt punch swaps. The first one was this poodle which was super easy. The next one was one of my favorite swaps. I used the squirrel and had to make an instructional sheet. Got some REALLY great ideas from both swaps. LOVE IT! :)

This is my Christmas card swap. Instead of Baja Breeze, I ended up using Wild Wasabi, so I would have enough to make them all the same. My awesome friend Monique helped glue all the bows on for me. It was her first attempt at anything like this and I really appreciated her help :)

This has not gone well today... First of all i couldn't figure out why the picture loader wasn't working... perhaps I shouldn't have so many windows open. And then I've been having issues with space between pictures. Sigh.

This next swap was called Bring Your Own Bling. I had to make jewellery with Stampin' Up! So I used shrink it -- do you remember making those as a child-- and the fancy flower punch to make a bracelet. Too cute!

And last but not least, we have my general swap. I LOVE the button buddies stamp set! Sooooooooooo cute!

Are you interested in joining a stamp club or my team? Email me or leave me a comment and we'll explore stamping together :)

Have a great day!

Love Lea

Monday, August 01, 2011

Convention Fun!

Back from convention! Plans for new stamp club are under way and a renewed look on life. :)

Convention was amazing! If you aren't sure what convention is, i'll TRY and explain it, as best I can. Convention is the Stampin Up! conference that is held in Salt Lake City, Utah every July. I was blessed to go last year with my upline and had a blast! My upline went to Europe for a vacation with her husband this year, HAPPY BELATED anniversary, Cheryl, so I wasn't going to go. I found out a friend, who lives very close to me, that I connected with a convention last year was going with her downline. Could I tag along? Sure!

So off we went. We drove down to Grand Forks on Tuesday and flew to Salt Lake City. I had been working crazy hours trying to finish my swaps, which, thanks mostly in part to Tanya, I did! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tanya!!! :)

Wednesday, we picked up our absolutely adorable convention bags (so blessed they were a nice neutal black, instead of orange this year), did some swapping and then headed to the awards booth, where my dear friend Alanna, achieved Founder's Circle. She stared in shock, I screamed!!! :) I'm so glad I got to share the moment with her. She worked her A$$ off to get to that point, and really encouraged me over the winter when my mojo was gone. We mingled with some fabulous stampin' friends and swapped some more!

Here I am mingling with Kimberly Van Diepen -- her work is AWESOME!

The headache was starting (darn mountains), so I went for a massage, chugged some water and a Tylenol and then took off to Riverton! I missed it last year and was NOT missing it this year! The benefit of going by myself, without my group, is that I stood in line, swapped some more, and made friends with Amy and Kathy from New York! :) I love you guys! :) Beside the famous Stampin' Up Rock! :) That's Riverton in the background!

This is Amy and Kathy, AKA New York as I called them the rest of convention. :) It's okay, they called me Canada! :)The glorious production floor. This is where your order gets picked and shipped. I heart those people. They were on lunch when I took this pic. It's okay. I had already gotten my stampin order this month! :)
This waterfall is downstairs in the Riverton office. Imagine coming to work to see this everyday :)

After the bus ride back from Riverton, I headed to an MDS class, but my headache was in full force, so I left early (cheers to Stampin' Up for putting PDFs on this internet) and headed back to the room for liquid gold, AKA Advil Extra Stremgth Liqui Gels. Late dinner with the crew at Olive Garden -- one of my favorites, and then to the end of the Stampin Garden Party! WHEW!

Early morning (UGH) swapping and general session in the AM and classes in the afternoon.

Stampin Up! did things differently this year and I commend them! They let you pick your classes, so I got to go to what I wanted to. Awesome! I got a lot more out of Model Workshop then I would have of Growing Your Downline, when I'm just starting out.

All the talks were motivational and gave renewed encouragement and ideas to take this and build it into something awesome! :) To all the speakers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was awesome!

The new mini, which was unveiled during the first session, is fabulous and I hope to show you some great projects this month. It's a REALLY great balanced catalogue and I'm still trying to figure out which products I REALLY want and which ones I just sorta want! :)

Thursday night was awards night and then an after-party with dance music! I LOVE to dance! :) I walked back to the hotel in my bare feet, I admit! :)

Friday, more classes and then the Village of Cuteness that evening. :) It's still not finished.

Saturday, I went to my first class and then skipped a make up MDS class to finish taking pictures of the boards and card ideas :) Lunch with new friend Deb from New Hampshire and then one more session, which ended with a free stamp set and a disc of MDS downloads, which I was going to get last month, but needed to curb my spending :) I am blessed!

Did some shopping Saturday night and then we came back to the hotel to pack up four days of swaps, treasures from Memento mall, the Village of Cuteness, free stamps, and all our clothes into two suitcases, which had to be less than 50 lbs each. I learned last year, and at 1:30AM, was hauling my suitcase down to the fitness room to weigh :) My mother taught me well, I am a champion packer. And after my roommates finished making fun of me, they went down too. It's a good thing. But last year, i weighed at the hotel just fine and then was 2lbs over in the airport and she was going to charge me $90 for two pounds... it was not a moment I want to relive to open your suitcase in the middle of an airport to shuffle things around...

I started a new position at MPI on Monday after I came home, and have been running almost non-stop. I hosted an open house to show off my stamping goodies last Sunday and if you missed it, give me a call or drop me an email and we'll arrange a time for you to see things! :)

Here's Fran, at my open house, loving the DSP sampler and the three ringed binder catalogue we got.

Mel, Krisanne, and Tanya working on Make and Takes.The two make and takes I designed for the day. Nothing too exciting. :) But my theme was out with the old, in with the new. So we've got some old stuff, some stuff that's on it's way out, and some new stuff! :)
Fellow stampin' demonstrators: Lindsay and Charlene! We missed all of you guys who couldn't make it this year! :)

I am attempting to start a stamping club this September and there will be a Christmas and Birthday stamp a Stack coming soon. So watch for details to sign up and bring a friend too! :)

Love ya lots


Come back tomorrow to see the swaps I took with me! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was doing soooooooooo well....

And I was... I admit, posting every day. Getting some time in my stamp room... Yet... then it was yesterday and there was no posting... why? you may ask. Becuase the boys had to go to the vet for teeth cleanings. So what? That was Tuesday. Ah, yes... But look what happened Tuesday night...
Everyone just wanted to be held by their mommy... Ever felt that way? Been sick and wanted your mommy to hold you. That's the only time Bailey will snuggle for more than a couple of minutes.... Now Mason, he could sit there all night and have you snuggle with him. :)

So yes, I was snuggling my boys... Rescheduled my appointment with Darlene -- THANKS DAR!-- until yesterday.. so there was no stamping yesterday either...

BUt there's hope! I'm working on another explosion box for my friend Ferrah! and Lu asked for some instructions, so instead of having to scour the internet, I'll post them here for you this weekend, when I get a chance, Lu. Your wish is my command!!!!

It'll be a busy weekend -- I've got a first responder recert ALL weekend long, so I'll be pretty busy, but i'll find some time! Because you're important!

Love Lea

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest Stamping Tuesday

Todays entry was created by my friend Tanya. Tanya came over, desperate for some assistance to make 3 baby cards and a birthday card for her little cousin who was about to turn 8. We went through my stamps and some old swaps, and then I suggested this idea... Tanya loved it! :) So off we went to figure them out together :) Aren't they adorable?

Tanya went to town with the color coach and came up with this one! I love it, Tanya! You did an awesome job! :)

I hope Tanya and I have inspired you to dust off your stamps and get going.

Happy Stamping!

Love Lea

Monday Madness

Hi! When the occassions mini came out, there were two stamp sets I immediately gravitated to! :) The first one is Build a Cupcake! It's an adorable stamp set and matching punch. I'm always a little reluctant to purchase something in the Occasions mini because they usually don't continue on. My hope is that Stampin' Up will carry these two over because they have designed punches to make the stamps and accessories! So, here's the first one -- i made a bunch of these 3x3 cards to help market my business.
This next card is a spinner card -- i used to love games that had a spinner attached. Good times!!! :)

So that's it for today! At home sick with a cold! :( The boys are going to the dentist tomorrow to have their teeth cleaned... it should be an intersesting day! :)

Love Lea

Valentines Cards

Well, it's a little late, but I did do some stamping in the month of February. This is what I gave my parents for Valentine's Day. I got the idea from my friend Alanna. This is called an explosion box, complete with a lid and bow. I love it! :)

My sister helped me find some pictures of us for the inside of the box. I definitely need to start taking more pictures of everybody!This is the card I gave my parents.... Cute huh? I love that white organza ribbon. And the red glitter paper was AWESOME! I made this one for some friends and my coworkers. That little owl is stinkin' cute! :)I'll end with the reason it took me a month to post these pics. I'd like to introduce to the newest member of my pack! This is Mason! Love that little guy. We're just fostering him right now, but he is very quickly becoming a very important member of our family. Bailey and Mason are getting along really well, and both are very good for each other. The barking is at a minimum and the boys are starting to play with each other! :) Mason is on the left, Bailey's on the right. We have to put different colour leashes on them, because if you look quick, you can't tell them apart! :)

Aren't they precious?!?! Well, better run and stamp some more! :)
Have a fabulous day!
Love Lea

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New favorite Stamp Set

Ok, get out your Visa! You WANT this stamp set! If you don't have it yet, you're totally missing out. Lea, you might say, I have enough stamps and punches, do I really WANT another! Yes, yes you do! I love it! And it was sooooo quick to make a card, which always makes ME happy. All right, all right, which one, you might ask?....

Wait for it!....

Build a Blosson stamp set and punch!!!! :)

REALLY? Yes, really! I mean, really? Yes reallly! I know, I know what you're thinking! :) I wasn't a big fan of it either when I first saw it in the Occasions mini. Actually, I skipped over it a couple of times! It's soooooooo sad! :) But, I went to stamp club and saw it and what it can do and it went to the top of my purchase list.

So here are a couple of samples! Here's what all the fuss is about!This first one is full of fabulous Stampin' Up products. Melon Mambo, Wild Wasabi, and Pacific Point ink, some Daffodil Delight card stock and Sale-A-Bration ribbon and stamps! Life is grand! :)

The next one, inspired by my favorite sideline, Kristyne Brandt, uses perfect plum ink to make the flower and the brad is from the Ocassions mini as well. Whisper white organza ribbon, versa mark and some white detail embossing powder finished it off. Please note the little paw in the corner! Gotta love that westie! :) That's bailey trying to get into the picture! Love the design, Kris -- thanks for helping me get my mojo back! :D

There's lots of postings on the horizon :) I'm excited! How about you? Now before i say goodbye, I need to tell you to click on the shop now link and go order that build a blosson stamp set and punch! You won't regret it! You can order right from my website and it will ship to your house! You don't know what happiness can be until you see the brown truck and the guy in the brown uniform bringing you a stampin' up box! :)

Questions, just let me know!

Love Lea

Monday, March 07, 2011

Okay... sorry for the lack of updates

Hi. Sorry I haven't been here. And it's not like I haven't been stamping. I admit I haven't done a lot, but I've done some.... Valentines day and I even have a guest stamper's work this month.... Okay, so I'm on it. I'll post them this week. I think it might be time for some blog candy as well, so leave a comment and win a free stampin' up prize!!!! :) No, you don't need to sign up to leave a comment. Just write an annonymous one and leave your name. If you win, i'll find a way to let you know... :D

My friends Alanna, love that girl, started a blog this month and she's been blogging up a storm. So proud of her -- that girl motivates me BIG TIME! You may thank her for my return :)

Anyways, it's a quick one today, but be prepared for nice things in the coming weeks :)

Love Lea

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I told you the cleanliness would help with my stamping art! Well, for one it did. Here's an anniversary card for my sister and her husband. It's their anniversary next week -- 17 years! Congratulations Shauna and Rino!This next card is my Christmas card I designed this year. I made about 40 of them... :P The coloring was annoying, but I tuned into a Christmas movie and it went pretty quick. Why are you just seeing this now? Because I finally got around to finding out the addresses of the people I didn't see over the holidays, or forgot to give them their cards and contacted them today. I will be mailng their cards tomorrow.... We'll just blame it on my Ukrainian heritage. Christmas is a few weeks later, and this year, it just came up up waaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaay too fast. I didn't have the benefit of being in a PCH to keep me on top of everything, like in previous years..

The girls at stamp club were very intrigued by how i did just the area around so i could stamp on the inside. I promised I would show them next time we meet! Yay project! :)

Have a fabulous week

Love Lea

I'm Addicted to Neat!

What's Neat, you may ask? A tv program on Global. Hellen Buttigieg is the host and she takes messy rooms and purges and organizes that room. It's very motivating, especially when cleaning up the bedroom and the stamp room are high on the to do list. Yesterday, I finally tackled the stamp room. First I watched a few episodes of Neat, to get me motivated and in the mood, and then I tackled it. I didn't take a picture of the before, but here's the end result. :)
Look at all the workspace!!! There is going to be some fancy schmancy cards made at this workspace. I even spray painted a fresh coat of white paint on the table. Poor Bailey -- he was sneezing lots from the fumes! The good news is I got it done and it looks fabulous!
And here are my stamps all housed in a cabinet so I can shut the door and not be distracted by them.

Ahh.... I can breathe a little easier in this room now :)
Have a fabulous day! And if you get a chance, Watch Hellen on Neat at 7AM weekdays on Global. I tape it myself and then can watch it after work :)
Love Lea

Monday, January 03, 2011

Baby Card

I was involved in a punch swap, and I got this idea from my upline's card! Sooo cute! This is my rendition of it. I made it for my one of my staff member, who is very pregnant right now. I was supposed to do this a few months ago, but at least I finally got it done! Yay!

Stamp club tomorrow -- I wonder what Cheryl has in store for us...

Til the next time
Love Lea

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year -- Resolution FAILED!

Hello! Happy New Year. I made one of my resolutions this year to blog here every single day. Alas, today is January 2, 2011 and I missed yesterday's post. Already failed. So, in attempt to redeem myself, because alas, I'm not perfect :O, I will post twice today. And not one after another. :) So, feel blessed to hear from me twice today. My goal is 365 posts this year.... Wish me luck!

My post from yesterday was supposed to be this card. I had it all planned out. But there just wasn't enough hours in the day -- there were eight loads of laundry, a not-so-great date (who, by the way, hasn't texted me today yet -- phew!) and a marathon of Rabbids! Thanks for introducing me to the game, Kate. I'm addicted! LOL Anyways, here's the card!

And the inside.... If you have ever seen my stamping, this is pretty basic as cards roll... But it is for a contest for free stamps (!) for Stampin' Up - Stampin' Connection and I was only allowed to use stuff that came with my starter kit. And I bought the mini starter kit, so I didn't have a lot of the fun stuff! Actually, I didn't choose this stamp set with my kit, as I already had it, but it is one of the one's that comes with this kit, so I'm thinking it'll be okay. :)

If not, oh well. At least I tried.

On the home front, I've been on a few dates over the past month. And I'm still looking for Mr. Right for Me... But the more dates I go on, the more clear the vision of the man for me becomes.

Anywyas, I should run! I'll see you later tonight with a SUPER cute card for one of my former staff, who's having a baby in the next few weeks! :)

Love Lea