Sunday, January 09, 2011


I told you the cleanliness would help with my stamping art! Well, for one it did. Here's an anniversary card for my sister and her husband. It's their anniversary next week -- 17 years! Congratulations Shauna and Rino!This next card is my Christmas card I designed this year. I made about 40 of them... :P The coloring was annoying, but I tuned into a Christmas movie and it went pretty quick. Why are you just seeing this now? Because I finally got around to finding out the addresses of the people I didn't see over the holidays, or forgot to give them their cards and contacted them today. I will be mailng their cards tomorrow.... We'll just blame it on my Ukrainian heritage. Christmas is a few weeks later, and this year, it just came up up waaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaay too fast. I didn't have the benefit of being in a PCH to keep me on top of everything, like in previous years..

The girls at stamp club were very intrigued by how i did just the area around so i could stamp on the inside. I promised I would show them next time we meet! Yay project! :)

Have a fabulous week

Love Lea

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