Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday Madness

Hi! When the occassions mini came out, there were two stamp sets I immediately gravitated to! :) The first one is Build a Cupcake! It's an adorable stamp set and matching punch. I'm always a little reluctant to purchase something in the Occasions mini because they usually don't continue on. My hope is that Stampin' Up will carry these two over because they have designed punches to make the stamps and accessories! So, here's the first one -- i made a bunch of these 3x3 cards to help market my business.
This next card is a spinner card -- i used to love games that had a spinner attached. Good times!!! :)

So that's it for today! At home sick with a cold! :( The boys are going to the dentist tomorrow to have their teeth cleaned... it should be an intersesting day! :)

Love Lea

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Alanna said...

Love the cards! ...and look at you, seems like you kicked that 'I only post once in awhile' bug!