Sunday, March 20, 2011

Valentines Cards

Well, it's a little late, but I did do some stamping in the month of February. This is what I gave my parents for Valentine's Day. I got the idea from my friend Alanna. This is called an explosion box, complete with a lid and bow. I love it! :)

My sister helped me find some pictures of us for the inside of the box. I definitely need to start taking more pictures of everybody!This is the card I gave my parents.... Cute huh? I love that white organza ribbon. And the red glitter paper was AWESOME! I made this one for some friends and my coworkers. That little owl is stinkin' cute! :)I'll end with the reason it took me a month to post these pics. I'd like to introduce to the newest member of my pack! This is Mason! Love that little guy. We're just fostering him right now, but he is very quickly becoming a very important member of our family. Bailey and Mason are getting along really well, and both are very good for each other. The barking is at a minimum and the boys are starting to play with each other! :) Mason is on the left, Bailey's on the right. We have to put different colour leashes on them, because if you look quick, you can't tell them apart! :)

Aren't they precious?!?! Well, better run and stamp some more! :)
Have a fabulous day!
Love Lea

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Ludivine said...

The puppies are so cute! Happy to hear that they get along great. I love the exploding box with pictures! I'll have to find the instructions for it, great projects! See you soon!