Sunday, July 22, 2012

Greetings from SLC - Convention 2012

Hey everybody!

I shall start with my normal "OMG -- i'm soooo sorry i haven't blogged in SUCH a long time".  Please forgive me, yet again.  That being said, I shall endeavor to do better this time! :)

I'm writing this from the lobby of Convention 2012 in Salt Lake City Utah.  Convention ended today, and I'm currently waiting for 3:30AM for my shuttle to take me to the airport.  My flight goes out this morning at 6:40AM so I'm skipping sleep/bed tonight to stay up so I don't miss my flight.  I fly from SLC to Chicago and then home to the Peg.

If you're not too sure what convention is, you can either scroll back to my last few posts from last year or I can give you the Coles' notes...  Coles' notes: Stampin' Up puts on a conference in Utah every year to honor some demonstrators and to inspire the rest of us to become better demonstrators.  For those of you who decided to scroll down to previous posts, welcome back! :)  You were missed.

I admit, the last 6 months have been a struggle.  The good news is I'm still working at MPI and loving it, back at the track and finished my case management certificate through the UofM.  The bad news was I lost my balance a few weeks ago.  It's a pretty precarious little balance and losing it does not make for a happy Leanne :(  I wasn't going to attend convention.  The flight was expensive, I haven't been inspired to do a lot of stamping lately, and although i got a lot of good ideas last year, I really didn't put a lot of them into practice....  The loss of my balance forced me to register for convention, book that expensive flight (thanks Mom and Dad), take a break and sit back and put things into perspective.  This trip wasn't so much about growing my "business", but more about growing myself.  I got to laugh... REALLY REALLY HARD!  :)  I got to introduce my niece to stamping -- Jury's still out on that one!  I made some new friendships, and got to see some old friends :)  like Amy from New York and Maggie, my stamping' BFF! :)  There was some stamping, some swapping, some dancing, and lots and lots of good times.  I'll be posting some pictures in the next few weeks :) of everything -- yes, i made a commitment to myself and am making it to you, to be posting a lot more regularly...  I can win FREE stamps (who doesn't want FREE STAMPS?!?!?!) if i post about some of the classes I attended, so I will be back to do that and to post some projects... including my oh so loved swaps! :)  Can't do it today, as I am not sure if i can upload from my camera to this Mac and don't wanna mess up my camera trying to find out!

I am hoping to talk my dad into being my camera man so we can post some videos on here and make this a lot more fun to visit.

As always,
Love Lea :)

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